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Problem Solving

We believe that problem solving is the ground of engineering and our services have the aim of hanging together the phases of product development from concept to prototyping. The more the work is done upstream the more an efficient identification of risks and opportunities is realized, with actions giving a better value and mark-up to products.

Numerical simulation is the best way to outline a new approach aiming for reliable, lighter and safer products.

Automotive is the main market field in which we work, with interventions in mechanics, public transports, nautical, biomedical and consumer electronics.

Then we work hard on developing methodologies for design and engineering helped by simulation.

What do we expect?
What do we expect?

Supporting our Clients along the entire design process gives a lot of opportunities of growing and exchange knowledge and methodology. To carry out our mission we ask our people to ensure always the best carefulness and well-timed service.

We expect our people to follow up actively projects they join and to be willing in missions with Clients, when it is necessary and to gain the better opportunities in foreign markets.

In joining our team we look for members that are curious, attentive, that put themselves up for learning new CAE tools, and for deepining innovative solutions given by numerical simulation.

A good experience in the use of the main office automation software and of operating systems (Windows, UNIX and LINUX); a good spoken English. The experience of some programming language and of CAE software will be considered.

What do we offer?
What do we offer?

A job for which personal skills and engagement strongly aid to a growing path, from both professional and human viewpoint, inside the company.

To new graduates we offer care on putting into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired by education on finite elements method (FEM), for structural analysis, virtual crash-test and fluid dynamics.

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Please, send your CV to the following address, with authorization under italian law (D.Lgs. 196/2003).


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